Exploring the Pacific Northwest

Exploring the PNW with Seattle Mountain Bike Tours

When you think of Seattle, a mountain biker’s paradise probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. After all, this is a city that is more famous for its coffee and rain than outdoor cycling.

In contrast, British Columbia proudly boasts some of the best mountain bike trails in the world, with almost all of the top 100 trails on Trailforks being located in BC. So when Matt Paul from Seattle Mountain Bike Tours made the bold claim that there were some amazing trails in the area that could rival the likes of those found in BC, I was eager to try them out.

Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park

Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park was my first stop – perfect for all experience levels thanks to its 26 trails which are spread across 130 acres of lush forest surroundings. Year after year, this amazing destination attracts many visitors from across Washington state and beyond, and it’s easy to see why. It might not have as many technical runs as other parks which I’ve been to, but a selection of fun and varied trails ensured that my visit was a memorable one.

Our journey then continued onto Raging River, where I was introduced to an awesome flow trail connected to another which goes by the name of Flow State. Established after a collaboration between the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, it was great to see that both sides have worked together to create such an amazing bike trail.

Finally, we headed to Tiger Mountain – encountering an epic trail called Inside Passage that will eventually be linked with Raging River to create a vast 40-mile trail. With a total distance of 2,518m, this blue rated single track in Issaquah is certainly one of the best quality trails I have encountered, and I was pleasantly surprised by how impressive it was – especially after discovering this is in fact Seattle’s most popular riding area.

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Final Thoughts

Joined by Matt – a former downhill racer, I received excellent guidance throughout the length of my trip. He was happy to offer me pointers when needed, and shared his extensive knowledge of the local area as we encountered several mountain biking trails that could perhaps give those in BC a run for their money.

If you’re someone who likes to explore new trails in different areas, but doesn’t want to get lost in the woods or spend hours on end searching for the best trails to ride on, a guided tour is a great option.

If you’re in search of somewhere new to get an adrenaline rush, the selection of trails I experienced on my trip most definitely won’t disappoint. I have to say that it’s the perfect way to escape the city lifestyle of Seattle and experience the Pacific Northwest landscape from a whole new perspective – with epic thrills and breath-taking mountain surroundings to enjoy along the way.