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Exploring Western Canada On A Honda CB500X Motorcyle

“As COVID restrictions took over and the world went into lockdown, international travel seemed like a long way off. So I bought a motorcycle and set out to explore the open roads of my home country.”

An Unforgettable Journey to the African Serengeti

“A tower of giraffes saunter across the plain, their lofty heads bobbing with every step. A lion yawns; all tawny fur, muscle and a huge mouth packed with sharp teeth. An elephant drapes her trunk around her baby, her ears flapping to keep cool. A Serengeti safari in Tanzania is a chance to enter the home of these incredible animals.”

Aurora Hunting High Above The Arctic Circle

“As the sky dims over the Swedish lapland, the Aurora Borealis comes to life. Over the distant mountains, it dips effortlessly into and out of the horizon. It hangs overhead, weaving like a giant curtain as bright hues of neon green light the plains below.”

Abisko Sweden Aurora Borealis

A Classic Car Enthusiast's European Road Trip

“My first car was a 1972 Austin Mini that I bought for $400.The floor was rusted, the heater didn’t work, the 998cc engine was well past its prime – but I loved it. Classic cars and traveling are huge passions of mine, and so I decided to combine the two and set out on a car enthusiast’s road trip of Europe.”

Mountain Biking In The Pacific Northwest

“Recently I took a trip down to Washington to meet up with Seattle Mountain Bike Tours and explore some of the amazing trails in the Pacific Northwest.”


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