Udatsu Sushi

A Culinary Symphony

Tucked away in the quiet residential lanes of Nakameguro, you’ll find a modest neighborhood eatery where chef Hisashi Udatsu harmonizes premium ingredients with expert culinary finesse within a setting infused with art and heartfelt hospitality.

Nestled just a brief stroll from Nakameguro Station lies Udatsu Sushi, a hidden gem tucked away in a quaint back alley. Embracing the concept of a “sushi restaurant in an art gallery,” the space is adorned with captivating works by renowned artists from across the globe.

Helmed by Chef Hisashi Udatsu, whose expertise was honed in prestigious sushi establishments in Ginza and Nishiazabu, the menu centers around traditional nigiri sushi. Using a blend of red and rice vinegars, sourced meticulously, and premium Kinuhikari rice procured directly from a trusted farmer in Tokyo, each bite embodies culinary excellence.

Chef Udatsu’s inventive flair shines through in his original creations, with standout recommendations like the “veggie roll” and “seasonal herb roll.” The “veggie roll” delights with a medley of freshly chopped seasonal vegetables, providing a refreshing transition from appetizers to nigiri sushi. Meanwhile, the “seasonal herb roll,” inspired by a visit to “Kajitani Farm” in Mihara, Hiroshima, combines microvegetables with carefully selected fish, wrapped in nori for a burst of flavor.

A crowd favorite, the “smoked tuna” side dish captivates with its theatrical presentation—tuna skewered, broiled with straw, and served in a glass container with a sprinkle of truffle salt. The anticipation builds as guests witness the enchanting spectacle of smoke filling the vessel before the lid is ceremoniously lifted.

Curated by the esteemed Naotaka Ohashi, former owner sommelier of TIRPSE and renowned food documenter, the beverage selection offers a curated range of sake, white and red wines, and champagne to complement every palate.

Nine counter seats crafted from Yoshino cypress sourced from Nara and a cozy private room for four provide an intimate dining experience amidst the chic, ever-changing backdrop of seasonal artwork. Whether with family, friends, a loved one, or colleagues, savor a novel sushi experience at Udatsu Sushi.